Customize your reading comfort.


Over 700 Million people worldwide suffer from dyslexia, a condition that causes vision impairment and reading challenges. 

To address this, we developed and launched READAPT – a free and open source assistive technology for reading. By giving everyone the opportunity to personalize the way they view and read their websites, we hope to help them reach their full potential. 

1,400 people have downloaded Readapt, and used it to adapt more than 37,000 digital texts — either via the Chrome Extension or as a Microsoft Word Add-in.

Discover Readapt

With the Chrome extension and Word add-in, customize your reading experience to easily adapt your text based on your individual preferences.

Chrome extension

Easily adapt text on websites based on your individual preferences.

Word add-in

View adapted text of your documents based on your preferences.

Readapt is Open Source

We’ve made Readapt open source so that those in the developer community who want to help us break down digital accessibility barriers can do so with their time and talent. Help us improve the solution and implement it across more interfaces! We truly believe that Readapt should be used everywhere and we see Readapt being open source as a key initiative to help Readapt get there.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, you can access our Github repository.

Github Repo

Install Readapt

Install Readapt by Contentsquare Foundation. Readapt is an open source solution that allows anyone to create a personalized reading profile for digital content based on their unique needs.

Readapt product screenshot