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All Equal Behind the Screen

The Contentsquare Foundation is committed to building a more accessible internet.

More than a compliance requirement, digital accessibility is about social justice and inclusion. It is first and foremost a fundamental human right.

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Over 70% of websites do not meet accessibility standards, leaving more than 1 billion people with disabilities behind.

The first step in tackling digital accessibility is understanding the various types of impairments and how these affect millions of people around the world.

1 in 10 are blind or visually impaired

1 in 12 men are color blind

1 in 11 are 65+

1 in 10 are dyslexic

Through impactful programmes and innovative partnerships, the Contentsquare Foundation is helping transform and accelerate digital accessibility.

Our Three Pillars


We create and offer educational content to train corporations and the next generation of tech leaders on digital accessibility, shaping the Web of tomorrow.


We empower diverse voices to awaken consciousness, deepen awareness, and embark organizations on their own digital accessibility journey.

Research and Innovation

We build collaborative research partnerships with renown institutions and experts to eliminate accessibility barriers today, and for future generations.

Our Partners

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The Contentsquare Foundation is committed to building a more accessible internet.

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