Towards a more inclusive digital world

As part of our accessibility journey, the Contentsquare Foundation has identified three areas where we believe we can make a difference.

First pillar


The first step towards building a more inclusive world online is to educate the next generation of communities that are shaping and building the Web of tomorrow.

We partner with educational institutions to train the next generation of tech leaders and professionals in inclusive design practices and Digital Accessibility principles.

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We do this through:

Digital accessibility trainings and workshops Through launching partnerships with top schools and businesses, the Contentquare Foundation has trained over 12,000+ people on the fundamentals of Digital Accessibility, with 80% of trainees enrolled at 4 top Tech schools in France

E-learning platform We also offer a free online training and certification on the basics of digital accessibility. Want to become a true digital accessibility advocate?

Second pillar


As the world moves increasingly online, digital accessibility concerns us all. We believe that deepening awareness and empowering voices will help awaken consciousness, raise awareness and create a global change.

We build advocacy within the business community to help transform the industry from within, and to encourage more and more organizations to embark on their own digital accessibility journey.

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18,000+ people reached on the topic of digital A11Y through our public outreach campaigns, including 420+ C-level executives

50 speaking engagements and events in 7 countries with a combined audience of more than 550+ companies

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Third pillar

Research & Innovation

In 2021, the Contentsquare Foundation launched its first partnership with Institut de la Vision, a major stakeholder for the autonomy of people with visual impairments. By joining their expertise, they are working to create the first passive behavioral and visual measurement system, alongside visually disabled people.

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"This partnership with Institut de la Vision is a real leap towards a more inclusive future. Thanks to the analysis of collected data, we will be able to better understand the behavior of visually impaired people online. It will allow us to make better recommendations regarding websites’ accessibility, in sight of a truly inclusive digital world.”

Marion Ranvier
Executive Director Contentsquare Foundation