All Equal
behind the Screen

More than 1 billion people in the world live with a disability, including conditions that may affect their ability to navigate and participate in the web. Through impactful and innovative programs, The Contentsquare Foundation is helping transform and accelerate digital accessibility, to help build a fair and inclusive digital world.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing the access barriers that stop people with disabilities from navigating and interacting with websites, mobile apps and other digital content.

1 in 10 people are blind or visually impaired

1 in 12 men are color blind

1 in 11 people are 65+

1 in 10 people are dyslexic

Our mission is to help build a fair and inclusive digital world. We have three key focus areas:


    Support research and science for a sustainable future

    We build collaborative research partnerships with institutes and experts to help remove access barriers now and for future generations.


    Nurture innovation to provide impactful solutions

    We develop open-source tools in house that are free and available to everyone. We also support innovative external projects that have the power to change lives.


    Raise accessibility awareness through education

    We provide training materials and learning opportunities for all audiences to help integrate inclusive design thinking at every level.

The Team

Jonathan Cherki
President Chairman

Passionate about data and statistics, Jonathan Cherki founded Contentsquare in 2012 and today serves as the CEO of the company.

Nicolas Fritz

In addition to serving as Chief Operations Officer at Contentsquare, Nicolas has led several successful programs in the nonprofit sector.

Joaquim De Sa Alves

Joaquim is Chief Financial Officer at Contentsquare, and is eager to put his number-crunching talents in the service of making the web a more inclusive environment.

Marion Ranvier
Executive Director

Marion is the founder and CEO of AdaptMyWeb, an accessibility technology acquired by Contentsquare, and a longtime advocate for digital accessibility.

Isabelle Ni
Global Awareness Director

Isabelle is passionate about people and innovation. She brings her communications expertise to take Digital Accessibility global and make it the new inclusion standard.

Taze Young
Senior Product Manager

Taze loves bringing value to customers and users of the products he works on. With product management background as well as experience on the customer side, he has a strong track record of creating innovative solutions to complex problems.

Margot Bouhon

Margot is the team member who validates all projects we develop at the foundation in order to guarantee the quality of our programs from a scientific standpoint.


With more than 1300 employees worldwide, Contentsquare's entire workforce is supporting the mission of the Contentsquare Foundation.