All Equal Behind the Screen

In 2021, the Contentsquare Foundation was born with the mission to build a fair and inclusive digital world. It’s time to break down accessibility barriers that prevent over one billion people from taking full advantage of the web. We are #AllEqualBehindTheScreen

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Our Story: Why Digital Accessibility?

Digital has become an integral part of everyday existence and today, we spend more of our lives online than ever before. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated our collective reliance on digital, further exposing the digital divide that keeps millions of people from fully participating in our digital society.

Here at Contentsquare, we envision a world where everyone has access to digital experiences they love, seek and deserve. Experiences that adapt to their needs, no matter how quickly they evolve, that meet privacy standards with integrity, and are inclusive of all abilities. With over 1 Billion people worldwide living with a condition that may affect their ability to navigate the web, this last point is really important to us.

That’s why we’ve put Digital Accessibility at the heart of our company mission, a commitment we cemented when we acquired assistive tech company AdaptMyWeb in 2020.

“Contentsquare has reached a point where we’ve built up power through our product, people, partner network, resources and sheer scale. And — as you’ve heard — with power comes responsibility. Our growth must have meaning. We can’t become one of the greatest software companies in the world if our company isn’t good for the world."

Jonathan Cherki
Chairman President Contentsquare Foundation & CEO Contentsquare

Our Three Pillars

As part of our accessibility journey, we have identified three areas where we believe we can make a difference.


We create and offer educational content to train corporations and the next generation of tech leaders on digital accessibility, shaping the Web of tomorrow.


We empower diverse voices to awaken consciousness, deepen awareness, and embark organizations on their own digital accessibility journey.


We build collaborative research partnerships with renown institutions and experts to eliminate accessibility barriers today, and for future generations.

Our Team

Jonathan Cherki

President Chairman

Passionate about data and statistics, Jonathan Cherki founded Contentsquare in 2012 and has served as CEO ever since. He is also Chairman of the Contentsquare Foundation.

Nicolas Fritz


In addition to serving as Chief Operations Officer at Contentsquare, Nicolas has led several successful programs in the nonprofit sector.

Arnaud Gouachon

Chief Legal Officer

Arnaud Gouachon is Chief Legal Officer at Contentsquare and a full stack General Counsel with experience in both public companies and VC-backed hypergrowth startups.

Marion Ranvier

Executive Director

Marion is the founder and CEO of AdaptMyWeb, an accessibility technology acquired by Contentsquare, and a longtime advocate for digital accessibility.