We are all equal behind the screen.

The Contentsquare Foundation is committed to building a more accessible internet.

More than a compliance requirement, digital accessibility is about social justice and inclusion, it is first and foremost a fundamental human right.

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More than 1 billion people in the world live with a disability, including conditions that may affect their ability to navigate and participate in the web.

The first step in tackling digital accessibility is understanding the various types of impairment and how these affect millions of people around the world.

1 in 10 are blind or visually impaired
1 in 12 men are color blind
1 in 11 are 65+
1 in 10 are dyslexic

Science & Research

We build collaborative research partnerships with institutes and experts to help remove access barriers now and for future generations.

Solutions & Technology

We develop our own assistive tech solutions to enable a better digital experience for all, regardless of disabilities.

Education & Innovation

We create educational content to train all audiences about digital accessibility and we support fellow PhD students who seek to influence the future of technology and build a more inclusive digital world.

Through impactful and innovative programs, The Contentsquare Foundation is helping transform and accelerate digital accessibility, to help build a fair and inclusive digital world.

  • Support research and science for a sustainable future

  • Nurture Innovation to provide impactful solutions

  • Raise accessibility awareness through education

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