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We support scientists, research institutes and nonprofit organizations that are working to build an inclusive and sustainable digital world now and for future generations.

Our partners

In 2021, the Contentsquare Foundation launched its first partnership with Institut de la Vision

"This partnership with Institut de la Vision is a real leap towards a more inclusive future. Thanks to the analysis of collected data, we will be able to better understand the behavior of visually impaired people online. It will allow us to make better recommendations regarding websites’ accessibility, in sight of a truly inclusive digital world.”

Executive Director Contentsquare Foundation

Institut de La Vision

La Contentsquare Foundation is partnering up with Institut de la Vision, major stakeholder for the autonomy of people with visual impairments, by joining their expertise to create the first passive behavioral and visual measurement system through digital with visually disabled people.


The Contentsquare Foundation allocates financial aid and other resources to projects that contribute to building a more accessible digital world. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please fill out an application.

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